The industry of the future refers to a way of organising the factory, its relations and its means of production.

Sustainable development

Energy performance eco-design

To become an industry leader, you need to optimise operations, gain insight.

Leading company

A leading company in the industry

Disruptive innovation is based on innovations in use, technology or a mixture of both.

Disruptive technology

Robotics, a powerful disruptive technology

Trends & innovations

The convergence of industry and robotics

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Industrial Technologies

Discover the emerging and industry-changing technologies

Generative AI, connected spaces, metaverse, graphics technologies and homomorphic encryption are among the influential technologies that are currently shaking up a large number of markets.


Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Machine learning is a sub-category of artificial intelligence. It is used to discover patterns.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is a technology implemented in everyday objects such as medical devices, smart devices…

Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

3D printing or additive manufacturing is used to design a physical object from a digital model.

Industrial Market Analysis

Clear perspectives for informed business decisions

The key to making effective decisions is to re-examine the players or critical elements involved in making the decision. You also need to analyse how you redefine the data, more on

The basic principles of business forecasting.

Forecasting approaches including qualitative models.

Focus on reliable information for your business decisions.

Industry Opportunities

Useful information to enhance your professional growth

New regulations

New regulations, new technologies and new societal issues are leading to several transformations in both construction and industry. This new industrial era is an opportunity.

Global supply chain challenges

The global supply chain is concerned with the cross-border organisation of activities that produce goods or provide services using primary inputs.

Opportunities for growth in your sector

Identify market opportunities through intellectual curiosity. Changing regulations and market growth can create opportunities, more details on

Industry experts reveal their winning strategies

To revive innovation and succeed over time, you need to be flexible, strategic and adaptable to financial and economic contingencies. According to the experts, you need to implement inclusive strategies to balance the value of content and enjoyment. Infotainment refers to a growing desire that combines education and entertainment.